Tibumana Waterfall Tourism-twin Waterfalls

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The island of Bali has a myriad of exotic tourist attractions, so it is known that this area is famous to the overseas. Even foreign tourists know more about Bali than Indonesia Lo, this is because it is because it does not know the area of Bali is in the state of Indonesia. Surely the recognition is not surprising, because as a part of them often vacationing in Bali.
As a tourist destination in Bangli Regency that is not missed is Tibumana waterfall or Tibumana Waterfall that has exotic beauty. This waterfall is a twin waterfall where the water is water-side. Between the two waterfalls, there is a hole (Goa) right behind him.
The atmosphere is still very beautiful, natural with the air condition is also cool and tend to cool. By having these two waters, many people named him as twin waterfalls. If observed, the water flow is similar, but sometimes one of the two waterfalls stops flowing.
Sometimes it is one of the other heavy and the other way around, the discharge of this waterfall is uncertain which will be more rapid during the rainy season. Around the location of the waterfall are many found green trees that grow with its suburals and some are attached to the walls of the cliffs.
The tourism object of Tibumana waterfall used to be an isolated tourist attraction, which is because there is no road to access. However, the locals now make road access to make it easier to reach the location. To get to the location, readers must pass dozens of stairs.
The road conditions are a bit steep, so it’s very much needed for an extra struggle. Your ability to travel will be paid by the beauty that is presented in the area of Tibumana Hlo Guys waterfall.  The natural beauty of the spirit is very cool, such as the cliffs covered with green moss, crystal clear waterfall and Blue River Trench is an interesting doimination to be used as a photo spot or your own.
In addition, it has been called a seat that can be used to rest while admiring the beauty of nature that created the creator. Oh Yes Tibumana waterfall has a height of about 20 meters and underneath there is a fairly quiet pool and not too deep.
If the reader wants to see and enjoy the beauty of other waterfalls, not far from the location of the Tibumana waterfall there are objects Pengibul waterfall which certainly also has the beauty that you should see. If you are interested you have to walk down the trail again as far as 1 kilometer.
Banjar build Weak Kawan, Apuan village, Susut subdistrict, Bangli Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia.

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