Traveling with a butterfly garden in Bali

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Hay sahabat-sahabatku who loves to read, do not be tired of reading ya!!! Because by reading we can get science and more clearly is reading is the window of all science. Just imagine, by reading we can understand a problem. As an example of tourism objects in Bali Island this time.
Here are the nature tourism objects or zoos in Bali that are frequented by domestic and foreign tourists. Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan is a tourist spot and also the preservation Park and breeding area of the largest butterfly in southeast Asia, has even become one of the tourism objects of Bali Butterfly Park that used to Education as well as research.
The Travelers will be able to see with the details of various types of butterfly animals. The excitement can not only see beautiful butterfly pictures only, but in the Bali butterfly Park Butterfly Garden Every visiting tourists can see and can touch him directly Sob Hlo.
Rasa-rasanya less Afdhol if not know about the history of this tourist attraction. Okay right away we discussed and again do not lazy to read the Sob Hlo. The history of the establishment of Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan is when the international Butterfly Conference is being held as the foundation.
The international Butterfly Conference was held at the Ujung Pandang, precisely on August 23-27, 1993 by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. The event was followed by the domestic and foreign butterfly experts who talked about the richness of the butterfly owned by the rich Indonesian state.
In addition, it also discusses how the efforts to manage, utilization, preserve and simultaneously introduce a butterfly garden located in Bantimurung South Sulawesi to the world of tourism to serve as an example for the butterfly garden Other in Indonesia. After the conference ended, several domestic participants including from PT Ikas Amboina counseled to discuss the outcome of the biography.
They think about preserving, taking advantage of butterflies into tourism activities, and creating replicas of natural butterfly gardens. In the plan, like the butterfly garden in Bantimurung and find out how to preserve and utilize butterflies continually.
Precisely 28 November 1993 or three months after the conference held at the Ujung Pandang, was formed PT Kupu butterflies Taman Lestari as a manager and founder of Butterfly Park called Bali Butterfly Park. The construction of the park began after receiving approval from the central government and also the approval of the local community.
Less than three years in the stage of development, namely on December 17, 1996, Bali Butterfly Park officially opened as one of the natural attractions and education in the province of Bali which was inaugurated by Ibu Asiawati Oka (chairman PKK team of Bali Province).
The overall area of the Bali butterfly Park is 1 hectare, consisting of 3,700 m² used for butterfly habitat, while the remaining area of 6,300 m² is used for the flower garden which is as precise as plants and plants.
Oh Yes, this flower garden is meant for food and the process of cultivating butterflies and tourism facilities and infrastructure that is expected to satisfy its visitors. In this area there are 5 types of cage used during the process of round the butterfly, namely the reproduction cage, egg-keeping cage, where the maintenance of the larvae, cocoon cage, and butterfly enclosure.
Although this tourist attraction is called Butterfly Park, it also preserves various kinds of insects such as Celenocosmia javanensis, Cobalt Blue Tarantula (Tarantula), Scorpion (kaljengking), and many others. Throughout the Bali Butterfly Park has thousands of butterflies from various species, both protected by the law and the ones that are not.
The Aged butterfly (adult) will then be released to the wild to its original habitat to preserve the outdoors. Indonesia country that we love is a country that has the largest forest third-ranked and has a wealth of the second biodiversity in the world with a huge natural potential and enchanting.
The Indonesian state also nicknamed “Kingdom of Butterfly”, this nickname is none other because it has a lot of diversity of butterfly and insect species. Diversity of insect species is widespread to various regions of Indonesia that have a shape, colors are varians and certainly very interesting to be taught.
It was noted that the results of the study in 2010 ago were known to have 15 species of butterflies located in the Bali butterfly Park Butterfly garden, namely:
-Chetosia Hypsea
-Doleschalia Bisaltide
-Euploea core
-Euploea Phaenareta
-Graphium Agamemnon
-Moduza Procris
-Ornithoptera Priamus
-Pachliopta Aristolochiae
-Papilio demolion
-Hell’s Papilio
-Papilio Memnon
-Papilio peranthus
-Papilio polytes
-Helena Troides
-Vindula Dejone
As long as readers all know that Bali Butterfly Park is a place of conservation and education, as well as a tourist spot that is visited by tourists, students and researchers from various regions.
Tourist Attractions Bali Butterfly Park is also supported with adequate tourist facilities, equipped with a butterfly museum that collects various types of butterflies with a gallery of various handicrafts and souvenirs made from a variety of insects, such as:
  • Framing Butterfly (Butterfly frame)
  • Framing beetles (beetle frame)
  • Keychains made from insects
  • Paper weight made from clear fibre containing butterflies (paper weights)
  • Paintings of butterfly Wings
  • Booker Selipan
  • And so, if you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to visit it.

Batukaru Street, Sandan Bees, Wanasari village, Tabanan District, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia.
Days and hours of operation:
Open every day from 08:00 – 17:00 WITA.
Admission Ticket:
IDR 100,000/adult visitors.
IDR 50,000/child visitors.

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